About Us


Emotion Factory offers the first thrilling theatrical game in Estonia, where participants join our horror/thriller act with real actors and need to perform specific tasks.
Whole experience is designed for experiencing unforgettable emotions. Thrilling Theatrical Games are getting more popular around the globe so we are glad to invite you to enjoy one in Tallinn also.

Nowadays usually emotions are offered to people by using different technology. Our goal is different. We do it with the real thing. Participants have to test their courage, sense of humor and teamwork. On this path they are accompanied by our actors who take care of delivering real emotions to our guests.  Participants must only enjoy the process.
We offer unforgettable emotions to everybody  – it does not matter whether you are looking for a different kind of entertainment or just a experienced horror fan.
Our games are meant for groups up to 6 persons. You can visit us with your friends or held birthday parties or company events at our premises.

This is the new big thing right here in Tallinn and believe us – you don’t want to miss this .


Red and Bloody wedding are the two themes that emotion factory offers. This is an interesting theatrical show which will give you a scare and test your fear.  You will be part of Ivo and Eva’s wedding. By following our actors guides and signs the participants need to follow a path which eventually leads to safety. Along the way you will meet different characters. The Bloody Wedding is our scariest version of the show and will definitely get your blood pumping.
Red wedding although being the slightly mellow version of the horror show will still leave a positive emotion and a need to experience something like this again.


Emotion factory’s show is not in heated rooms and for this our guests should consider with the outside temperature. No need to fear for rain or snow but with a cold weather please dress accordingly.


Our lounge area will fit maximum of 15 people and will work perfectly for smaller birthday parties. At this moment our lounge area has comfortable sitting for 10 people.

Emotion factory is created by one of the leading escape game producers here in Estonia – Escape Room.  Our motivated team is constantly growing and creating a new ways to offer spectacular experiences to our gray days.
For more information about Escape Room  please visit: www.theescaperoom.ee