Where did you plan your last birthday event? Emotion Factory offers a possibility to plan just the right kind of birthday which will be remembered for a long time.  These awesome birthday events are available for everyone and we are always open for original ideas. Our purpose is to offer a completely new entertainment service that will shoot you up with different emotions!


Red and Bloody wedding are the two themes that emotion factory offers. This is an interesting theatrical show which will give you a scare and test your fear.  You will be part of Ivo and Eva’s wedding. By following our actors guides and signs the participants need to follow a path which eventually leads to safety. Along the way you will meet different characters. The Bloody Wedding is our scariest version of the show and will definitely get your blood pumping.
Red wedding although being the slightly mellow version of the horror show will still leave a positive emotion and a need to experience something like this again.

Pretty soon we will have options and themes for children birthday parties but for this we ask you to be patient!


Emotion factory’s show is not in heated rooms and for this our guests should consider with the outside temperature. No need to fear for rain or snow but with a cold weather please dress accordingly.


Our lounge area will fit maximum of 15 people and will work perfectly for smaller birthday parties. At this moment our lounge area has comfortable sitting for 10 people.


You can bring your own catering to our lounge room but this will cost 20 Eur. (cleaning and preperations for your event)

Our good partner La Tabla restaurant has been hosting our guests since the beginning and offers a great South-American menu. For bigger events we recommend to book a table at La Tabla and throughout the night or afternoon groups of 6 persons can visit emotion factory. For emotion factory’s guests the menu is -10%.

La Tabla restaurant is situated 150m from our premises.  For more information please visit