Game is meant for groups up to 6 persons, who must move together in the game slowly after one another. For groups of 2 persons the price is alway 65€. In special occasions we are ready to host bigger groups.
The duration of the game is 45- 50 minutes, depending of the players speed.
It is not allowed to be intoxicated while playing the game. Emotion Factory reserves the right to remove all the intoxicated persons from the game.
Players are allowed to move in the game only in accordance with the instructions of the Emotion Factory actors, direction of the arrows and towards the light. It is now allowed for players to separate from each other.
It is now allowed to bring any weapons, knives and other self-defence equipment to the game.
It is not allowed to film, use flashlight nor mobile phones inside the game.
We recommend to come in ordinary clothes. The clothes might get dusty or dirty when moving against the walls. It is not recommended to come in evening dresses, suits, high heels etc. Emotion Factory does not take responsibility for dirty clothes.
It is now allowed to touch the Emotion Factory actors.
Emotion factory does not take any responsibility for health problems which occur during the game.
All players under age of 10 need parental permission for playing.
By purchasing the ticket and entering the route, participant of the game confirms that he/she has acquainted themselves with rules of the game, safety rules and accepts responsibility for their ability to follow these rules; he/she confirms that they will not establish any claims towards organizers and characters of the event, being aware that any actions, sounds, smells, events and special effects occurring throughout the route are a game and in any way are not directed against any participant of the game personally.
WARNING: Emotion Factory staff is allowed to remove all persons and terminate the game in case visitors do not comply with the rules of the game. In this case, Emotion Factory does not have an obligation to refund the ticket and has a right to apply fine which is up to 300€.

WARNING: Stroboscopes, bright lights and other sound and light effects are used in the game.

WARNING: Prior to entering the route, doctor shall be consulted by those participants with health issues or psychological peculiarities: fear from darkness, excessive emotionality, hysteria, attacks, nervousness, pregnancy, depression, epilepsy, asthma, claustrophobia and other phobias, which may prevent finishing the game!